" Dream Girl Best Comedy Movie Watch Online - Cinema Points

Dream Girl Best Comedy Movie Watch Online - Cinema Points

Dream Girl Best Comedy Movie Watch Online - Cinema Points

Dream Girl Best Comedy Movie Watch Online - Cinema Points

Dream Girl is an Indian Comedy Movie. Directed by Raaj Shaandilyaa and Produced by Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor. The cinema has Ayushmann Khurrana (Karamveer " Pooja" Singh), Nushrat Bharucha (Mahi K. Singh / Mahi Rajput "Karamveer's Wife"), Annu Kapoor (Jagjeet Singh), Manjot Singh (Smiley Singh), Vijay Raaz (Rajpal Kirar), Abhishek Banerjee (Mahinder Rajput), Raj Bhansali (Chandu “Toto” Pushp), Nidhi Bisht (Roma Gupta), Neela Mulherkar (Dadi), Neha Saraf (Chandrakanta Kirar), Jitender Gaur (Toto's Dad), Arihant (Sonu Kirar), Gagan Gupta (Director), Saurabh Nayyar (Ram), Rajesh Sharma (W"Call Centre Owner"), Vaibhav Mathur (Dablu's Assistant), Sahasi Ranjan (Hanuman), Yash Yogen (Laxman), Basant Garg (Deepak), Sukesh Anand (Ravan), Vedika Bhandari (Pooja), Habib Azmi (Kazi), Riteish Deshmukh (special appearance in song "Dhagala Lagali"). It has music by Songs: Meet Bros Score: Abhishek Arora while Aseem Mishra the cinematography and story by Nirmaan D. Singh, Raaj Shaandilyaa. This film language Hindi and Running time 132 minutes.

Karambi 'Karam' Singh has been proficient in disguising the female voice from a very young age and hence he has been cast as a female lead in mythological drama since childhood, though he has always protested and will become much younger than the male character. He is currently unemployed and can perform these roles because it raises good money for him. His friend Smiley runs a liquor store and supports him in every endeavour. His father, Jagjit Singh, ran a shop at a funeral and he was deeply involved in various bank transactions. Due to the short turnover, he was unable to pay EMI.

When returning from a failed interview for a job, Karam saw an ad that promised a salary of Rs 70,000 / month. He reached the address provided, but the employer Mauji 'W GI' (Rajesh Sharma), without inquiring about his eligibility, rejected him directly. Karambi pleads and until last time Mauji shows him his call centre and shows where only women work. The call centre is entertaining their imaginations that are not part of most men's lives. Although Karambi was shocked, his composer quickly returned and called on a woman for frequent worship on vacation. Mauji was immediately impressed by his skill and recruited him and gave him 20 rupees. As an advance payment, 25,000 taxpayers tell his father that he got a job at an MNC and handed over the advance money he received. Her father is happy with the news, while Karam celebrates with his friend Smiley. Later on in the job, he sorts a good fan base because of his sweet voice and sharp presence of mind.

She comes across Mahi at her customer's house where she goes to deliver the goods she asked from her father's shop. She is struck by her beauty and catches her eye with some fun lines. 
Later on, they met each other while waiting in a queue, and Karam was fascinated by his funny personality and the love between the two, and soon they were out.

During his work, Karam meets a few people who regularly call him: Toto, a damaged brat; Rajpal, a policeman in the couple's writing profession; Roma, editor of a magazine; Karam's father is Jagjit and Mahi's brother Mahindra. Karam, initially unaware of their real identity, finally came to his life and was surprised to know their identities. Eventually, everyone became engrossed in worship disguised by Karam because of his sweet voice and friendly disposition. They fall in love with Pujo and everyone wants to marry him.

He proposed to quit disappointed Karam on an unwarranted request. Her employer, Mauji, has rejected her resignation and blackmails her that she will disclose her identity to her neighbour, which may endanger her marriage. Karam decides to tell Mahi everything but when his brother Mohinder realizes he is out and worshipers, he figures that if he speaks rudely to his callers, they will stop calling him after meeting their reality. Everyone became so obsessed with worship, that Toto tried to commit suicide and the governor threatened to leave his wife.

Karambi began to face the consequences of trying to keep these people from worshipping or otherwise preventing them from marrying. At one such event, as a worshiper, Karambir told Roma that he was in love with her boyfriend. Roma insisted on meeting Anurag whether he was a good man or not. Columbia met Roma at the mall as a companion. After the meeting, he came across Mahindra and went shopping at the mall, which saw Roma and Karam and brought Mahi to the mall. Roma, already sceptical of Karambi alias Anurag's character, told Mahi that Karim was involved in worship when Mahi revealed that he was Karam's fiance, and his likeness was revealed. When Karambir was unable to explain the situation to him, Mahi left the mall heartbroken. Confusion spreads in the mall and the identity of the worshiper is left in turmoil.

Karam chases Mahi to his office and explains everything. Mauji abuses Mahi and slaps him in front of his staff. Karambi protects Mahi and gets out of the office, even more, angry with Mousey. Mahi meets Karambir. Later, he joins the play where Radha plays the character. At the end of the play, Rajpal appeared with Mouji who claimed that Karam was worshipped. Karam recites a couple from the governor. The governor is frustrated because he has not shared the pooja and the pair with anyone else.

Karam has revealed that he has been duping Pujo all this time. After that, Karam has a passionate statement about growing loneliness in people. Roma comes with the original puja and reveals the major arrested by the governor. Toto, Mahindra, Jagjit, and Roma learn that Karam is completely imitating Pujo. Eventually, all but Mahi refused to marry Karam.

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